Enterprise Resource Planning

Manages machines and financial assets for current and future business efficiency

Movex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) contains a number of powerful tools for managing your enterprise resources such as human skills and resources, machinery and equipment, and financial status. Movex ERP includes dynamic solutions for integrating global multi-unit organizations using different currencies, languages, business principles and legal aspects.

Movex ERP is seamlessly integrated with Movex Customer Relationship Management and Movex Supply Chain Planning & Execution and thereby provides the ability to boost revenues through increased timely sales and an efficient supply chain. In addition, Movex ERP provides an online way of controlling your financial situation -- a must in the new economy.

Movex ERP provides you with the foundation to efficiently manage and control your internal resources and finances, thus allowing you to focus on maximizing revenues and customer satisfaction. For instance, Movex Maintenance manages your machinery and equipment assets to ensure that proactive maintenance is carried out, which minimizes downtime cost and low product quality.

Another application, Financial Controlling and Management, enables you to plan and follow up on financial resources to support your future business growth or change. Product Data Management enables you to share valuable information about products in processes such as sales, manufacturing and planning.

Applications in Movex Enterprise Resource Planning

Resource & Material Planning combines traditional resource planning solutions for scope, terminology and theoretical benefits with innovative organizational solutions.

Product Data Management stores and reuses information needed by various administrative processes in manufacturing and distribution companies.

Project Management improves your project management processes in a wide range of different industries.

Financial Controlling handles all aspects of your controlling requirements so you can analyze, plan and display detailed management views of key business processes.

Manufacturing combines flexibility and deep functionality with an ability to support a wide range of different manufacturing environments and strategies.

Maintenance provides an advanced maintenance application with extensive functionality designed to support wide-ranging business needs.

Financial Management is a flexible, Internet-enabled system that handles all aspects of financial management and enables you to utilize the crucial information that drives today's business decisions.

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