ERP - Resource and Material Planning

Combines traditional resource planning with innovative organizational solutions

Modern organizational forms involving greater numbers of employees in more functions place increasingly higher demands on software ease-of-use and seamless integration.

Movex Resource & Material Planning combines traditional resource planning solutions for scope, terminology and theoretical benefits with innovative organizational solutions to provide your company with the tools it needs to meet these new challenges.

Movex offers effective solutions and methods for production planning and resource allocation. It supports multiple facility and warehouse environments, including customer and supplier consignment stock, which enables you to synchronize the flow of goods from source to final consumption. Thus, you are able to achieve impressive results with regard to shorter lead times, lower costs and higher quality.

Component groups in Movex Resource & Material Planning

  • Forecasting
  • Material Planning
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Distribution Requirements Planning

Other Movex ERP Applications

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