ERP - Project Management

Improves project management processes in a wide range of industries

Project management exists in a broad spectrum of companies with different business activities. The project management operations of these companies vary significantly and can be roughly divided into four segments:

    Large Engineering-to-order Projects
    Small Projects/Short Duration
    Service Projects

Movex Project Management is a comprehensive project management application with functionality specifically designed to solve challenges faced by today's project-oriented companies in various industries >such as, finance, logistics, production and so on. The processes of entering and maintaining projects are streamlined, providing continuously updated project information, project status, schedules and cost control.

Movex Project Management helps you support and manage all the project phases, from quotations to engineering and production, to delivery and after sales. The solution offers highly configurable functionality suitable for small as well as large projects.

Component groups in Movex Project Management

  • Project Quotations
  • Project Processing

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