ERP - Manufacturing

Combines flexibility and functionality to support a wide range of manufacturing environments

The components of Movex Manufacturing support a wide range of different manufacturing environments and strategies. Line production, flow manufacturing, make-to-order, configure-to-order and discrete manufacturing are examples of principles and practices where Movex Manufacturing can contribute.

In today's ever-changing business environment, the ability to adapt to new manufacturing strategies is of utmost importance. Movex Manufacturing equips you with a series of configurable components where you can reach your full potential in planning, executing and controlling your production in different environments.

Manufacturing order processing focuses on all aspects of Production Activity Control, whether you are using discrete manufacturing orders or kanban/orderless approaches. The comprehensive configuration possibilities of Movex Manufacturing enable you to scale the system to fit any company size and adapt it to changes in the manufacturing environment.

Movex Manufacturing has extensive functionality for the specific needs of traceability, laboratory inspection and approval, document management, in-process reporting, sequencing, byproduct/coproduct management, potency, capacity planning and much more.

Movex APP is a powerful decision support tool for production planning and the scheduling of manufacturing orders that takes finite capacity constraints and material flow from raw materials to finished products into consideration. The combination of the execution-oriented Movex Manufacturing and Movex APP will provide you with one integrated system for production planning and scheduling that offers crucial visibility and coherence.

Component groups in Movex Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Order Processing
  • Production Statistics
  • Laboratory & Inspection Control
  • Data collection Interface

Other Movex ERP Applications

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