Supply Chain Planning & Execution

Optimizes service levels and profitability

Movex Supply Chain Planning & Execution applications offer a powerful and unique method for supporting the planning, scheduling and fulfillment of the extended supply chain, resulting in optimum service levels and maximum profitability.

The new economy is exerting tremendous pressures on supply chains to physically deliver goods faster, on time and at maximum profitability. Supply chains are now competing against supply chains and not companies against companies. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex with a greater number of intermediaries such as contract manufactures, third-party logistics providers, trading exchanges and virtual distributors. The need for tools that provide visibility and control the information, material and financial flows throughout the extended supply chain is escalating.

Movex Supply Chain Planning offers a range of planning tools that cover the extended supply chain down to individual resources on a strategic as well as an operational level. This includes demand planning, supply chain planning, plant scheduling and global available-to-promise and capable-to-promise functionality.

Movex Supply Chain Execution fully supports the fulfillment process for both simple and complex distribution networks and includes warehouse management, replenishment and transportation management components, which are seamlessly integrated with e-business components and transaction processing.

Using Movex Supply Chain Planning & Execution increases visibility and improves material flow throughout the supply chain. At the same time, it frees up capital tied up in inventories and increases resource utilization, resulting in optimized service levels and maximized profitability.

Movex Supply Chain Planning & Execution Applications

Supply Chain Planning optimizes service levels and profitability when planning is carried out throughout the supply chain, from the strategic level down to the operational level.

Supply Chain Execution improves cost efficiency and delivery precision by synchronizing supply and demand throughout your entire network.

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