Supply Chain Planning

Optimizes service levels and profitability

The new economy is exerting tremendous pressures on supply chains to deliver physical goods faster, on time and at maximum profitability. Supply chains are now competing against supply chains and not companies against companies. The challenge is for enterprises to increase visibility and synchronize the material flow through the extended supply chain to balance supply and demand at maximum profitability. Lead times are shrinking and demand is fluctuating more than in the past. At the same time, mass customization and specialization further increase planning complexity.

Movex Supply Chain Planning contains integrated component groups for optimum service levels and maximum profitability. You are able to plan for the global supply chain down to the individual resource as well as from the strategic level through to execution.

The powerful supply chain planning functionality in Movex offers a unique stepwise decision-making process based on the Theory of Constraints. Planning can be carried out throughout the supply chain, from the strategic level down to the operational level. At each planning level, a memory-based simulation and optimization environment enables you to identify and interactively resolve constraints.

Movex Supply Chain Planning contains powerful forecasting and demand management functionality and component groups for planning the extended supply chain. Advanced optimization algorithms that focus on maximizing profit by balancing supply and demand enable you to plan across multiple warehouses and factories.

In addition, Movex Supply Chain Planning enables you to perform detailed scheduling within factories and features global available-to-promise and capable-to-promise functionality integrated with sales management.

Using Movex Supply Chain Planning increases visibility and improves material flow throughout the supply chain. At the same time, it frees up capital tied up in inventories and increases resource utilization, resulting in optimized service levels and maximized profitability.

Movex Supply Chain Planning Component Groups

  • Demand Planner
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Multi-Site Planner
  • Advanced Production Planner
  • Global Capable-to-Promise

Movex Supply Chain Planning & Execution Applications

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