Supply Chain Execution

Synchronizes supply and demand throughout your entire network

Supply chains are successively reaching higher levels of integration and complexity, and tracking of goods and taking proper actions is becoming more and more critical. Today's enterprises need support for tactical and operational planning down to hours and minutes. Current and cross-network status on orders and shipments, supply, production and inventories must be available. In addition, the need to provide decision-makers with proactive alerts has become a matter of necessity.

Movex Supply Chain Planning contains integrated component groups for optimum service levels and maximum profitability. You are able to plan for the global supply chain down to the individual resource as well as from the strategic level through to execution.

Movex Supply Chain Execution (SCE) is specially designed to manage complex distribution networks and constitutes the basic support for all functions directly or indirectly related to logistics in your company.

Movex SCE gives consecutive and accurate information on all supply chain activities, from quotation and order to delivery and after sales services. Operations inside and across warehouses are all supported, including receiving and storage, picking, packing and shipping. Advanced cross-docking features carry out the reshipment of goods with minimum handling. Transportation planning, including schedules, routing and trade document management, is supported in all domestic and international transportation modes.

The material forecast and continuous replenishment engines in Movex SCE operate the extended supply chain and can control inventory targets for any node, including vendor managed inventories (VMI). By means of the global Capable to Promise logic, both external suppliers' and a company's own sites are considered when sourcing an order.

By synchronizing supply and demand throughout your entire network, Movex SCE improves your delivery precision and reduces distribution costs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Movex Supply Chain Execution Component Groups

  • Distribution Order Processing
  • Inventory Statistics
  • Lot & Allocation Control
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Activity Control

Movex Supply Chain Planning & Execution Applications

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