Customer Relationship Management

Helps you manage your customers throughout the entire customer life cycle

A true CRM approach combined with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications provide the prerequisites to make all your customer relations efforts successful and efficient. The Movex CRM solution covers all activities ranging from marketing relations to common product development, distribution and after-sales service and rental.

Companies in all industries are meeting increasingly sophisticated customers who demand a higher level of access to information and service across multiple channels. Nowadays, customers frequently interact with your company through a central contact center, your Web shop or through your salespeople in the field. In addition, agreements with customers are becoming more complex and extensive and include terms for delivery and after-sales services on delivered products. These new trends emphasize the need for coordinating your customer information assets and business rules.

To ensure that you deliver the same answer about prices and availability on all channels, your company must have consistent business rules and processes. Information about all recent activities related to a specific customer has to be available to everyone who interacts with the customer—at all times.

The Movex CRM applications share a common set of information and business components that are available for internal use by e-business applications, the sales force and the field service force. This ensures that the message your customers receive is consistent, regardless of which communication channel they choose.

Movex CRM applications are fully integrated with other Movex enterprise application components. Full integration reduces the lead time for information availability and facilitates proactive alerts to customers and salespeople about, for example, deviations in the supply chain activities.

Movex CRM manages sales and marketing activities towards new and current customers as well as fulfilling the demand for products and after sales activities, such as service and rental. Thus Movex CRM manages your customers through the entire customer life cycle.

Movex CRM Applications

  Webshop B2B, B2C
  Service & Support

Sales Management exploits all mechanisms to maximize sales with satisfied customers and sales organization.

Sales and Marketing improves sales efficiency and helps you implement sales strategies to suit different markets, customers and prospects.

Movex Service & Rental is specifically designed for companies that operate a field service force as part of their operation and/or operate a rental business. It enables you to manage, control and streamline your entire service organization, generating complex service and rental contracts to handle service calls promptly and efficiently.

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