CRM - Service and Rental

Enables you to manage, control and streamline your entire service organization

Remaining competitive requires improving customer service levels while optimizing resource use. Your customers expect rapid response and competent handling of problems by qualified engineers. Customers are increasingly demanding customized service agreements for their products. Furthermore, the preference for renting is growing stronger.

Movex Service & Rental provides a competitive edge for any service company. It is specifically designed for companies that operate a field service force as part of their operation and/or operate a rental business. It enables you to manage, control, and streamline your entire service organization. You can also generate complex service and rental contracts to handle service calls promptly and efficiently.

Key components of Movex Service & Rental include Service Order Processing, Service Agreement Processing, Short-term Rental and Long-term Rental. Service Order Processing enables you to manage and follow up service on equipment that is supplied and/or covered by an agreement or warranty. Service Agreement Processing covers the entire service agreement flow, from entering service agreements or meter invoicing agreements for a service object to invoicing these agreements.

Short-term Rental enables you to monitor equipment availability, manage the flow to external or internal customers, and invoice rental charges. Long-term Rental makes it possible to handle agreements, including equipment and service financing as well as other types of charges in a total solution.

Movex Service & Rental manages your entire organization with one fully integrated solution and provides a foundation for building long-term partnerships with your customers.

Movex Service & Rental Component Groups

  • Service Order Processing
  • Service Agreements
  • Short Term Rental Agreements
  • Long Term Rental Agreements (v12)

Movex CRM Applications

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