CRM - Sales and Marketing

Improves sales efficiency and helps you implement sales strategies to suit different markets, customers and prospects

Movex Sales & Marketing System (SMS) is the ideal tool for improving sales efficiency and implementing sales strategies to suit different markets, customers and prospects.

By storing information about their daily work, Movex SMS helps your sales team to better organize activities and easily access data concerning interactions with customers and contacts—interactions initiated by themselves or by other people in the organization. Your sales team becomes more efficient and is able to focus on the tasks at which they excel: Generating sales, revenue and profit.

Sales managers are able to track all marketing activities in progress, identify the status of each business opportunity, and focus efforts and resources where they are best utilized. Also, information received from tracking each opportunity helps to speed up the sales forecasting process and make it more accurate.

With Movex SMS in place, you own detailed knowledge of your most important business asset—your relationships with customers, prospects and partners – even if members of your sales force should leave the company.

Movex Sales & Marketing System (SMS) is a cornerstone in Intentia's CRM offering and includes tools for sales people, sales managers, marketing personnel and other employees with direct customer contact.

Movex SMS Tools

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Business Opportunity Management

Movex CRM Applications

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