CRM - Sales Management

Exploits all mechanisms to maximize sales with satisfied customers and sales organization

In order to succeed, sales companies have to maximize the channels and methods they use to reach out to customers. They have to implement pricing mechanisms that alleviate manual order entry and billing. At the same time, a deep and wide range of products must be offered. Incentive and compensation programs have to promote sales and the company's goals. Distribution processes have to ensure on-time delivery every time and add extra value through customer-unique packaging and labeling. Finally, in-depth analyses have to be available on demand.

Movex Sales Management brings a common view to your commercial and logistical activities by connecting all sales activities to your fulfillment processes:

  • Planning
  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Bonus & commission
  • Statistics
  • Follow-up

Movex Sales Management supports the fulfillment process and its related commercial activities both before and after the actual customer order is placed. The sales quotation and ordering process is available both to the internal contact network as well as via the Web, EDI and portable devices. Standard products as well as supplier catalog items and configured products are available at all times. The pricing mechanism is extensive and includes price lists, discount models, agreements, and promotions. On-time delivery is ensured by the integration with Movex Global Capable to Promise (CTP).

Additional value-adding activities in distribution are provided using information about customer-unique packaging, labeling and kits. The Movex Bonus & Commission application component provides support for developing and managing an efficient incentive and compensation program for your customers, sales force and agents.

Movex Sales Management supports all aspects of your sales processes and is uniquely tailored to each channel and business area. With Movex Sales Management you can exploit all mechanisms to maximize sales through satisfied customers and a motivated sales organization.

Movex Sales Management Applications

  • Customer Order Processing
  • Product Configurator
  • Pricing & Conditions
  • Bonus & Commissions
  • Customer Delivery Schedules
  • Sales Quotations
  • Sales Statistics & Performance

Movex CRM Applications

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