In today's competitive business world, optimizing performance is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity. Having the right tools for the job is essential to survival. Fortunately, choosing the right software is easy with Intentia's Movex Enterprise Applications.

Movex Enterprise Applications are designed around specific business functions. Each application consists of numerous components that perform related transactions and processes. During implementation, our consultants configure these standard components to meet your unique business needs.

Movex Applications
Enterprise Resource Planning
Manages machines and financial assets for current and future business efficiency

Seamlessly integrates Web-enabled applications with traditional processes

Customer Relationship Management
Helps you manage your customers throughout the entire customer life cycle

Supply Chain Planning & Execution
Optimizes service levels and profitability throughout the distribution chain

Partner Relationship Management
Enables you to develop and sustain professional and profitable relationships with all your suppliers

Business Performance Measurement
Transforms the ever-increasing flow of data generated by Movex and other systems into useful competitive information

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