Software Implementation
Thorough planning is the only way to ensure the success of any software implementation.  Because every industry is different, a team of consultants and analysts is selected for your implementation based on their industry expertise.  This team will evaluate your needs and plan your software implementation accordingly.  The team will execute the implementation in the most efficient manner possible.

Your software begins working for you quickly through our rapid implementation method.  The primary focus is your core application group.  After it is up and running smoothly, support applications are implemented in a logical sequence.

This implementation method has two important benefits.  First, implementation of the core applications ensures uninterrupted business operations and a faster return on your investment.  Second, users have time to become comfortable performing critical daily tasks. They learn the system faster because they are not inundated with too much information all at one time.

Investing in the training of your personnel can be the best long-term investment you make, especially when it comes to software.  Employees who fully understand the programs they use everyday are able to utilize the software to its fullest potential -- and that translates into higher productivity.

Our consultants hold training sessions before, during, and after implementation.  Instructors spend time with members of each department in a small classroom setting.  Users participate in hands-on learning activities that are tailored to meet departmental needs.  They become familiar with critical applications before moving on to other tasks.

Instructors also discuss ways to streamline processes and simplify daily tasks using the new software.  The OMS best practices philosophy ensures that instructors teach only the most efficient processes.

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