Handles multiple deductions and generates user-defined reports

The Optimum Solutions AS/400 Payroll system is a very comprehensive solution for today's demanding world of payroll. With hundreds of installations, the Payroll system currently processes over 7 million paychecks annually at sites throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Payroll's capabilities include:

  • Unlimited direct deposit accounts
  • Unlimited deductions and benefits
  • 401(k)
  • Numerous user-defined reports

Among the outstanding benefits of the Payroll system is its ease-of-use. It is menu driven with pop-up windows, cursor sensitive online help text, and thorough documentation. In addition, both PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) and traditional AS/400 character-based "green screen" versions are available, so users instantly feel comfortable with Payroll.

The AS/400 Payroll system is interfaced to numerous industry-leading applications in the AS/400 marketplace. The interfaces include a wide range of general ledger and account systems, vertical industry solutions, and AS/400 and PC based time and attendance systems. If the interface is not available today, we will be glad to interface our system to your specific application.

The Payroll system can be implemented as a stand-alone module or integrated to the Human Resources, Time & Attendance and Applicant Tracking modules. Integration ensures up-to-date employee information since data changes in any module automatically updates the others

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