Time & Attendance

Automates employee time collection and integrates seamlessly with Payroll

Optimum Solutions Time & Attendance is a comprehensive AS/400 solution that is tightly integrated to the Payroll System. Maintaining two employee master files becomes unnecessary because the two programs share one master file.

Time & Attendance runs on the AS/400, which means that users can clock in and out from a direct attached AS/400 terminal or an AS/400 attached PC. Data collection timeclocks can also be used. The automation of collecting employees' time eliminates the need for time cards. The system also allows for time monitoring, employee or group scheduling, and attendance tracking through various on-line displays and reports. All reviewing and maintenance can be done on-line to create a paperless system.

Studies by Robert Half (1983) and Maxwell Research (1989) have documented the substantial time and money savings that result from the automation of time and attendance. Time & Attendance can:

  • Reduce calculation error rate by 7%
  • Decrease unauthorized and unproductive activities, which can account for nearly 10% of employee time
  • Save up to 7 minutes of totaling and validating time per card

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