Time & Attendance Features

Timecards Employee and Group Scheduling
  • Timecard entry options:
    • AS/400 terminal
    • PC attached to AS/400
    • Data collection terminal or network
  • Badge reader or wand capability for "swiping" employee punches
  • Employee comment entry
  • Message display - personal, departmental, company
  • On-screen timecard review
  • Departmental transfers
  • Job number and job class hours accumulation capability
  • Error code on attendance violations and entry errors
  • Paperless process
  • Optimum Solutions Payroll employee master file sharing
  • Employee absenteeism, tardiness, unscheduled hours, and overtime
  • Scheduling for individuals or groups
  • Unlimited group schedule sharing
  • Advance schedule changing to meet forecasted labor requirements
  • Schedule rounding based on company policy (straight time, nearest 10 minutes, etc.)
  • Advance entry of vacations, holidays, and leaves
  • User-defined grace periods for early and late punches
  • Departmental authority security display and modification
  • User-defined schedule authorization and schedule violation codes
  • Violation authorization code entry
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