Applicant Tracking

Automates the hiring process and keeps an extensive applicant database

The Optimum Solutions AS/400 Applicant Tracking system automates many of the steps in the applicant hiring process. The system also increases the productivity of managers and interviewers in the hiring process by streamlining the sharing of applicant information during the interviewing process. It allows you to keep an extensive database of all applicants you've considered for a position that can be used as an ongoing source of pre-qualified applicants for future open positions.

Applicant Tracking features extensive data about each applicant and numerous reporting options to provide all the data needed in the hiring process. The applicant information database can be configured to allow access to all department managers with hiring capability. The database displays such fields as position desired, education, skills, interviewer comments, and applicant status.

Applicants can be selected from the database using multiple criteria, such as skills and years of experience. Resume routing and interview scheduling are also handled by the system. An applicant letter writer enables you to send an individual or form letter to an applicant or group of applicants queried from the applicant database.

The Applicant Tracking system is available in AS/400 GUI (PC graphical user interface) and traditional AS/400 character based versions. It can be implemented as a stand-alone application or integrated to the Human Resources and Payroll modules. Integration allows applicant data to be exported to the HR and Payroll employee master file for new employees. Applicant education, employment history, and skills will also be exported to the HR system once an applicant is hired, thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

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