Payroll Features

Capabilities Deductions
  • Multi company
  • Multiple checks per employee
  • Shift differentials
  • Benefits can be:
    • dollars
    • percentages
    • a flat amount per hour worked
    • based on a percentage of a deduction
    • based on group term life insurance in excess of $50K
  • Multiple security levels
  • 401(k) tracking
  • Magnetic reporting
  • Multiple general ledger interfaces
  • User defined check stub description
  • Employee level taxable status for each benefit
  • Debit and credit accounts tracking
  • Optional maximum benefit amounts
  • YTD and LTD limits tracking
  • Up to 999 per employee
  • User defined check stub description
  • Arrears tracking and accumulation
  • Deductions can be:
    • dollars
    • percentages
    • based on hours worked
    • a percentage of disposable income
    • a percentage of base pay
  • Employee-level taxable status by deduction
  • Division/department allocation of deductions
  • Third party check printing
  • Optional maximum deduction amounts
  • YTD amounts tracking
  • Social insurance tracking (Canadian)
  • Online TDI maintenance (Canadian)


Taxes and W2s

For a complete list, see Payroll Reports.

  • Year-to-date earnings
  • Workers compensation
  • Turnover analysis
  • Benefit statements
  • Local distribution
  • Earnings and hours by pay type
  • Employee check history
  • Job cost
  • Federal quarterly income tax
  • State quarterly income tax
  • Local quarterly income tax
  • State SUI
  • Federal and state tax tables with annual support
  • Annual W2 updates
  • T4 updates as required (Canadian)
  • Optional purchase of W2 forms
  • Local tax tables capability
  • Earned income credit tracking
  • Provincial income tax (Canadian)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Ability to handle direct deposit and traditional payroll simultaneously
  • Multiple bank accounts per employee
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