e-Business Foundation

Successfully manages e-business tasks

The e-Business Foundation has been built to facilitate continuous improvement. It abstracts complexity and takes care of the multi-language, multi-currency, personalization, log-on and multi-unit coordination aspects of an e-business solution. One component of the e-Business Foundation is the Site Manager.

Site Manager provides website administration functionality. This includes creating and updating the overall "look and feel" of the site, managing content, adding and changing products and services, managing Web shops, updating the "look and feel" of the store and managing prices such as specials or discounts.

The e-Business Foundation also assures consistent data, and communication is either encrypted or clear text in accordance with security demands. Application Programming Interfaces (e-APIs) manage all communication between the Web server and application server.

Movex e-Business Foundation Component Groups

  • e-Collaborator
  • Site Manager

Other Movex e-Business Applications

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