PRM - Supply Chain Collaboration

Provides a dynamic foundation for establishing a collaborative business partner environment

Movex Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) is a complete set of tools for integrating Movex into the supply chain, thereby extending Movex's internal integration to cover all business partners' environments and your common business processes. Regardless of the degree of partner integration, the tools enable a dynamic foundation for business collaboration.

The focus of Movex SCC is the easy creation of a collaborative environment that brings business partners together to mainstream information exchange, synchronize operations and automate and streamline transactions. This tight interaction enables participants in the supply chain to focus on their specific roles. Thus, you can develop a highly efficient value chain where reuse of information is extensive and consumption of resources is minimal. You deliver greater value to your customers and increase your own revenue and profits.

The large number of ready-made Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enables dynamic interaction between your and your partners' Enterprise Applications. You gain a stronger partner relationship with shared real-time information access without duplicated efforts in the extended supply chain. Furthermore, all parties involved are able to work within the same business process. If customized APIs are desired, the API toolbox is designed to create them for you.

Traditional EDI as well as XML messaging is fully integrated with a large set of supported transactions. This enables you to manage both one-to-one and many-to-many relationships for all of the supply chain's business processes. Large amounts of information can be exchanged and processed. The system is designed to signal you when exceptions occur in your business information exchange and to log, but not signal, all other transactions.

Movex SCC Component Groups

  • APIs
  • API Tool box
  • EDI
  • XML
  • Lotus Notes Integration

Movex PRM Applications

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