PRM - Procurement

Streamlines all aspects of your procurement process

As purchasing volumes grow, accentuated by e-business, transaction costs become an increasing threat to staying competitive. Manual time- and cost-consuming steps in the purchasing flow need to be automated. Additionally, unnecessary obstacles must be eliminated to streamline the purchasing process and enable buyers to concentrate on deviations only. Decentralized buying requires a solid and configurable framework for purchase call-off and requisitioning.

Movex Procurement provides a comprehensive range of functionality for streamlining and integrating all of your procurement processes.

Movex Procurement efficiently supports all aspects of procurement including supplier selection and evaluation, creation and renewal of supplier agreements, requisitioning, purchase order processing and monitoring, receiving and quality control, claims, invoice control and statistics.

Different categories of orders processed in Movex Procurement are available from the same data source. Purchase inquiries are used to make price and delivery inquiries with suppliers. Delivery schedules simplify the purchase process in high-volume, frequent delivery environments with close supplier relationships. Repair orders provide functionality for the purchase of repair work on serialized items with tracking and retained traceability. Subcontracting manages the planning and execution of work and services performed on suppliers' premises, with or without integration into the manufacturing processes in Movex.

Movex Procurement Component Groups

  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Purchase Delivery Schedules
  • Request for Quotations
  • Supplier Evaluation & Statistics

Movex PRM Applications

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