BPM - Business Performance Warehouse

Provides dcritical business information by extracting and consolidating information from dispersed systems

Movex Business Performance Warehouse (BPW) is Intentia's easy-to-use data warehouse solution built on leading-edge data warehouse technology. As a data warehouse solution, BPW extracts and consolidates data generated by dispersed systems and helps you by making this information available in a flexible and powerful format for decision-makers throughout the organization. Movex BPW becomes the information hub in your organization.

Movex Business Performance Warehouse gives you substantial benefits in the quest for a competitive business performance measurement system, such as consolidation and integration of business information, efficient and flexible management of data and readily available information in a customized format for those who need it. The bottom line benefits include improved decisions, more efficient business, decreased cost of managing information and new business opportunities. With Movex BPW analyses that once were expensive and time-consuming become efficient and quick.

The open architecture of Movex BPW enables it to extract data from many different types of sources and enables you to access this information through a wide variety of client products. Integration with other Movex applications, in form of a pre-loaded repository with templates and measurement models, ensures you to have Movex BPW up and running in no time. In addition, BPW provides you with a highly flexible solution that is easily tuned as your organization and information needs change.

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