BPM - Business Measurement Models

Enable you to quickly reap the full benefits of your Movex investment

In order to speed up and improve the process of establishing a performance measurement system, Intentia (with the cooperation of its customers) has pre-loaded Movex Business Performance Warehouse (BPW) with 40 Performance Measurement Models. These models are used as templates in the creation of a customized business performance system. They enable customers quickly to reap benefits from Movex BPW by providing built-in methodology for measuring the business process information already available in Movex components.

All processes and areas supported by Movex are included in the models. Order fulfillment, production, procurement and human resource management are just some examples. Each measurement model contains performance measures for a certain area and is created by combining information from different parts of Movex. The measures cover all perspectives that are important for effective performance measurement, for example lead time and delivery precision, quality, human resource management, internal efficiency and productivity. The performance measurement models and the measures within them can easily be adapted, combined and customized to fit the unique measurement needs of any organization.

Measures in a model can be analyzed on different dimensions. For example, the Inventory Statistics model includes measures of inventory level, inventory turnover and average stock level. An example of a question that this model can be used to answer is, "How does the stock level vary over time for different products and in different warehouses?" This design is optimal for creating multidimensional models (OLAP cubes) that can be analyzed using a wide range of third-party client tools, for example Powerplay or Excel 2000.

Other Movex BPM Applications

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